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We find ourselves in circumstances that no one could have possibly imagined as the situation continues to worsen across the province. We have come to face many difficult realities as we navigate these uncharted waters. 

While our current projects can continue under the new emergency order, we are deciding to wind down non-essential work. This is being done to allow us to refocus our resources to solely support healthcare and critical infrastructure projects for the interim. This decision was done inline with our philosophy of always being people-centric. We are facing a once in a lifetime crisis. This is a time we must all work together to ensure our healthcare system remains intact. We will focus on offering our services and support wherever we can.

We are fortunate enough to have a vast amount of in-house knowledge, equipment and staff that position us to provide quick turnarounds on time-sensitive work. Looking at major hotspots, we are seeing field hospitals, parking lot ICUs and temporary extensions being built. These extraordinary and unprecedented projects are ones we are focusing our efforts on. They provide critical capacity increases to an overburdened system and we see it as the best way to help in this situation. We are working with health care and government officials to allow us to see how and where we can offer our expertise.

If you require critical construction assistance we remain here for you. Please contact us to let us know how we can support you during this unprecedented time.

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